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Digital Marketing for Marina Hotels

Grow sales and ROI with an online marketing strategy.

Marketing for Marina Hotels

Grow bookings and revenue with increased brand exposure

Marina hotels are popular among boaters because they could get to enjoy boating while also enjoying the comforts of a hotel.  If your hotel includes a marina and is accessible by boat, you might want to consider leveraging digital marketing to increase your reservations and brand awareness. Marina hotels are in an excellent position because they have plenty of digital marketing strategies to choose from. Every digital marketing service brings different advantages and looks to influence potential guests on the internet. Marine SEO is a full-service digital marketing agency that leverages proven digital marketing strategies like social media marketing, SEO, and local SEO to lead more guests through your doors. Continue reading below to learn more.  

Search Engine Optimization for Marina Hotels

Digital marketing’s primary goal is to increase the number of reservations that your hotel experiences through the internet. To accomplish this, your hotel’s website and landing page need to be visible on the web. Specifically, search engines are the best place to capture the attention of potential guests when their initial interest is sparked. 


Marine SEO makes your reservation page or website visible on search engines thanks to search engine optimization and local SEO. Search engine optimization improves the quality of your website so that it is a more valuable resource for customers and made more visible by Google or Bing. When your hotel’s website is more visible to people on search engines, it will experience an incredible uptick in traffic and reservations from boaters looking to go to a marina or boating hotel. 


To make your website and reservation page more visible on search engines, you need to make sure that the content of your website is engaging and interesting to potential customers, along with making your website’s navigation streamlined and easy to understand. Content that marina hotels need to upload onto their websites could be blog posts or articles that detail the experience that their hotel offers along with detailed explanations of the excursions that guests could do when they arrive at the hotel or how the guests could arrive at the hotel via boat. When these pieces of content are laced with high-demand keywords, they will appear on search engine results pages when potential guests input them into search engines. These terms include “marina beach resort,” “marina resort hotel,” or “marina resort spa.” If your hotel’s website ranks for these keywords, it will take advantage of the huge number of people that search for these keywords on search engines. 

Local SEO for Marina Hotels

Local SEO is an essential part of digital marketing because they need to rank for localized keywords. These localized keywords should reflect the location of your hotel, whether it be in the Bahamas, Florida Keys, or Texas. Marine SEO boosts the visibility of your marina hotel in local searches by using Google My Business listings, Google Maps, and local directories. When these listings include their fair share of localized keywords like “Key West Marina hotel” or “marina hotels in Florida,” they are more likely to appear when someone in the area searches. 

Social Media Marketing for Marina Hotels

Marina hotels are where potential customers go on vacation because they yearn for a one-of-a-kind experience. There is no better way to transmit a unique experience than through photos and videos. Popular social media marketing platforms like Instagram and Facebook allow your business to provide your followers a curated selection of photos and videos of the location, amenities, and overall experience that your location provides to guests. Social media platforms are constantly surveyed by potential guests. and making sure that your social media pages are engaging to them is sure to drive them to your website or reservation page. Marine SEO’s social media team also performs outreach strategies to increase your social media page’s follower count and your reach. 

Marina Hotel Digital Marketing Strategies

Marine SEO is a full suite marine digital marketing agency. As such, we offer our clients in the marine industry a collection of services that allows them to present a consolidated digital marketing strategy. These include PPC marketing, mobile marketing, email marketing, and reputation management, among many others. Contact us today to learn more. 

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