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Digital Marketing for Sailing Schools

Increase Sales with Digital Marketing

Marketing for Sailing Schools

How to scale sales and revenue for your sailing school business.

Sailing is an attractive hobby for people because it allows them to enjoy the ocean without the lulling of a motor and with the free power source of the wind. While sailing is an extremely fulfilling hobby, it has a barrier of entry since it is not as easy to do as other kinds of boating that require motors. Prospective sailors need to understand the essentials of sailing, including balance, boat trim, running downwind, how to tack, and the like, to fully immerse themselves in the hobby. Knowing these essentials is nearly impossible without a sailing school. Digital marketing strategies used by Marine SEO generate interest in your school, increase revenue, and lead to higher enrollment rates. Contact us or continue reading below to learn more. 

SEO for Sailing Schools 

When someone wants to get introduced to the world of sailing, they will usually rely on search engines to connect them with answers to their questions. For example, someone that is just generating their interest in sailing will probably search something along the lines of “how to sail” or “sailing schools in Fort Lauderdale.” 

Just imagine how much qualified traffic would stream into your website if everyone who searched for these keywords were to land on your website. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a digital marketing service that ensures that your website is ranking for these keywords whenever someone inputs them into a search engine, such as Google or Bing. To rank for these keywords, your school needs to display credibility and authority on their website through steadily uploading blog posts and articles that include these keywords and revolve around topics that deal with sailing. Google and Bing look for this kind of marketing material when they decide which websites to make more visible. Some good ideas that you could use when you are designing this content include topics like how to sail to the Bahamas, how to tack, what is tacking, and similar. The goal for this content should be to demonstrate your expertise and build authority in the eyes of your target audience so that they will sign up for courses. By doing this, more qualified customers stream to your website, learn more about what your school has to offer and make reservations or set appointments. 

Social Media Marketing for Sailing Schools 

Uploading the experiences that your school gives students is an excellent way to drive brand awareness about your school. People that are looking to experience sailing for the first time want to see captivating views and beautiful vessels gliding across the water, and your school’s social media pages should reflect this. On popular social media marketing platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, sailing schools should be keen to upload content that is attractive to customers. Schools should also conduct outreach strategies so their following can grow. The more eyeballs that these schools have on their social media profiles, the more likely it is that they will see an increase in appointments and revenue. Marine SEO’s social media team can help you leverage social media platforms so that your business’s presence on these platforms leads to increased brand awareness and revenue.

PPC Marketing for Sailing Schools

Pay-per-click marketing (PPC) is a necessary inclusion in a digital marketing strategy. In PPC marketing, you choose keywords to bid on, populating the paid section of a search engine results page, which is located directly beneath the search bar and above the organic section of a search engine results page. PPC entails a competitive bidding process that makes sure that sailing schools who earn a click onto their website through this paid advertising space pay the amount that they initially bid on. These keywords should reflect what your target audience is inputting into search engines, so when PPC marketing strategies are used together with SEO strategies, your business’s website will be visible on search engine results pages. 

Marine SEO’s Full Suite of Digital Marketing for Sailing Schools Services

Digital marketing entails using many other services that were not detailed above. The goal of these digital marketing strategies is to increase your brand’s visibility and engagement on multiple platforms. These digital marketing services include:

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