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Choosing Between SEO or PPC — Why Not Both?

Search engine optimization and pay-per-click campaigns are two of the most popular digital marketing strategies for marine businesses. SEO and PPC help boat vendors manipulate search engines to increase the visibility of their website. Your marine business might find itself contemplating which one of these marine marketing tactics to use. The reality is that, while these are great standalone tactics, they are best used as complements to one another.

Search Engine Optimization for Marine Businesses

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) improves business by elevating its search engine visibility by using keywords and phrases customers are typically using. If a potential customer sees your boat dealership or marine business before your competitor, you have an edge over your competitors. The power of search engine optimization should come as no surprise if you consider how people search for marine products and services. Most consumers rely on search engines to give them relevant information. Attention spans are also getting shorter, which makes crafting digital marketing strategies for the marine industry reliant on capturing attention quickly. If you do not rank within the first few results, consumers will not even consider your website and rewrite their search query entirely. SEO works by integrating keywords and phrases into a website to let Google know you are a relevant website and that it should help you rank higher.

PPC For Marine Businesses

PPC stands for Pay-per-Click. You could recognize pay-per-click campaigns as the marked advertisements at the top of the page when you search for a product or service. This a great component of digital marketing strategies for boat vendors could use to further increase the visibility of their website. Pay-per-click management campaigns require businesses to place bids on keywords and phrases so they can increase their ranking. While PPC advertising is usually a surefire way to increase the visibility of your business’s website, the bidding price is somewhat unpredictable and can vary greatly depending on the keyword or phrase. Our digital marketing agency in Fort Lauderdale can give your marine business experienced PPC account managers that craft expert PPC campaigns.

Impact of SEO and PPC On Digital Marketing For Boat Vendors

SEO and PPC need to be used together to maximize your search engine presence. This can be done by optimizing your website with SEO for the keywords your customers are using.

Your marine business could also purchase PPC advertisements for that same keyword by placing a sufficient bid. This ensures your boat dealership is one of the first to be seen by prospective customers.

The combination of SEO and PPC strategies are also useful for remarketing strategies, which is an important concept for digital marketing strategies for the marine industry. If you use SEO to rank highly on search engines and you notice customers do not purchase products on their first visit, you could purchase Google ad space to target those specific users to entice them to make a purchase.

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