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Top Tips for Your Marine SEO Strategy

Top Tips for Your Marine SEO Strategy

It is no secret that the majority of online searches are driven by major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Consumers are constantly trying to find “luxury cruise vacations” or “custom fishing rods” and if your marine business is not generating traffic from the search engine response pages, it can hurt your online presence in the long run.

At Marine SEO we specialize in the web marketing for the marine industry. We are experts at developing SEO strategies that encompass the needs of our clients, their users, and search engine algorithms. Keep reading and you’ll find our top tips for a marine SEO strategy. With the help of our SEO specialists in Fort Lauderdale, these steps ensure your efforts to improve web exposure, rankings, and more!

Guide to SEO Strategy for Marine Marketers

When creating a marine SEO strategy be sure to stay up to date on the latest guidelines for your targeted search engines. In return, your website will be more likely to appear to users on the search engine results page (SERPs). You might be wondering, “How do you create a marine marketing strategy that follows the current SEO best practices?” Read what our digital marketing agency, Fort Lauderdale has to say!

Create ‘Clean’ Keyword-Rich URLs

A huge role in any marine SEO strategy is having a clean, yet keyword-rich URL structure. They should be easily translated by search engines and users alike to gain more search traffic. You will want to follow a consistent URL structure throughout your website. This can be done by using the appropriate hyphens to separate words for a simple understanding. Consider finding appropriate keywords and search terms to help rank on the SERPs. This can be accomplished by placing the keywords throughout the entire architecture of the website from the child page to the parent page.

Create Simple Site Navigation

Make sure your website and web pages have simple main navigation. Both users and search engine crawlers should be able to easily understand and maneuver your website to find desired pages. When creating a marine SEO strategy our team recommends ensuring that each webpage has at least one menu link with all associated child pages. Once on a child page, a user should be able to follow the right breadcrumbs that will lead them back to the main page.

You should also use interlinking to help guide users to helpful web pages and articles using keyword-rich anchor text.

Create Metadata Around Keywords

Another marine SEO tip is to double-check all metadata, ensuring all elements have been optimized. Metadata is a core element of any marine SEO strategy and helps search engines and users understand what each webpage is about. Metadata elements should be short and descriptive while still following the guidelines for formatting and word count. For the best result, our marine marketers recommend using the relevant primary keyword being targeted on the page within the metadata. You can also include non-branded keywords that users would use to find your business.

Marine SEO Marketers in South Florida

Located in the heart of South Florida, Marine SEO offers a wide range of digital marketing services to ensure your marine businesses thrive amongst the competition. Our crew will custom tailor a digital marketing package surrounded by your marine business needs. We help nautical businesses such as marine apparel shops, yacht service providers, and boat equipment suppliers create research-driven marine SEO strategies.

Are you ready to start blowing your competition out of the water? Contact us today and get in touch with one of our crew members to learn more about Marine SEO.

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