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Traditional Media vs. Digital Media for Yacht Brokers

Traditional Media Versus Digital Media for Yacht Brokers

Yacht brokers working within the yacht marketing industry are tasked with an oftentimes difficult mission: find buyers on your own. SEO for marine industry marketing has become a major proponent in the dealings of effective yacht brokers.

As a yacht broker, you may be asking yourself whether you should use primarily traditional media or digital media. You need at least one of these to get your name out into the ocean of competitors and to reel in a client.

Marine SEO can help you decide which tool works best for you – but first, there should be a better understanding of what the platforms really do.

What is Traditional Marketing?

This method is tried and true, proven to produce results, and proven to fish out customers. Traditional marketing platforms consist of radio ads, TV commercials, and print ads. While each of these is still utilized successfully today, the rates of that are plummeting now. Bigger, more lucrative brands are buying these slots out, making it much harder for small niche companies to get their names out there without going broke.

Though they were considered low-cost and highly effective before, that has changed in traditional marketing.

What is Digital Marketing?

Young and new to the marketing realm, digital marketing is taking our society by storm. Though it’s just a baby compared to the goliath of traditional marketing, online marketing is rising very high, very quickly. With the onslaught of social media and smartphones, most people turn to digital platforms for most of their information. This, of course, includes information regarding businesses, companies, and other products.

In a world of instant gratification, the speed of online marketing keeps up with the rapid-paced daily life of customers. It’s also extremely cost-effective with various outlets for a business to establish an online presence.

What Does This Mean for Yacht Brokers?

While most businesses would benefit from both marketing strategies, there is one which yacht brokers should clearly consider over the other. SEO for marine industry marketing must adjust to the specialized nature of their product. Considering this, yacht brokers would benefit more greatly from digital marketing due to its cost-effectiveness, speed, and local outreach.

Yacht brokers are out to represent a yacht or boat seller and/or buyer in a more localized environment. TV commercials or print ads typically would draw less consumers and cost much more money than online marketing platforms, like Instagram or Facebook.

By using more digital marketing, yacht brokers can tailor their search to reach only those customers within their area. Not only does this draw more viable clients but it also gathers more consumers overall. A business must have an online presence to be relevant and accessible to customers.

Maybe you’re not tech-savvy and are interested in handing off the responsibility of digital marketing to a company that will help you see results; check out Marine SEO. We can help you discover a world of customers created by digital marketing.


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