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5 Elements to a Successful Marketing Strategy

Any marine business looking to create a strong SEO presence needs to understand the essentials of what goes into developing an unforgettable marine marketing strategy. There’s a huge misconception that a marketing strategy only requires content, blogs, and a tweet every other day.  There is far much more that goes into having a strong marketing strategy than any sailor would believe. Marine SEO, the top marketing agency in Fort Lauderdale wants to help you make a splash with your marketing strategy. Start with these essentials, and then dive in!

Understand the Marketing Funnel. Work towards a goal that will display your best awareness, use evaluation to make adjustments, and lead your buyers to purchases. But remember – your efforts don’t stop there. Outreach will be one of your best ways to attract new customers. After all, you can’t be found if you’re not putting your name out there. New customers bring conversions. Convince those that are interested that their money is worth investing in you, and work towards closing the deal. You’ve driven a customer to the finish line, now cross it. Deliver the last bit of information that will make the deal real. But, the work never stops once a sale is complete. Brand loyalty and returning clients are huge for driving your marketing strategy.

The difference between quantity and quality. The important factor you should be focusing on is the quality of the content. It does not matter if you are posting every hour if your content isn’t producing any good results. When you’re concocting a content strategy it should include high-ranking quality content that can be found by users. 5 engaging blogs that drive a lot of traffic are far more valuable to a business than 20 posts that have no effect at all.

Posting to post will get you nowhere, so do your research. Track analytics driven by your current content and use that to develop future strategies. Key in on which content is performing better and adjust your strategy to fit the interests and topics of the high-ranking pages.

Design your plan. Successful content strategies have a focus when it comes to posting and future content. You’ll want to plan ahead and give yourself plenty of time to make adjustments as you move forward. It doesn’t hurt to incorporate content around big holidays that are relevant to your industry, as this always peaks the interest of users. A calendar also can be used as a reference when comparing monthly data. Use it to compare times, dates, and how your content was laid out in the previous month.

Remarket high-quality content. Just because you already posted and shared a piece of content, doesn’t mean you can’t use it again. If you have an amazing video of a shark attack, consider how many people might not have seen that video the first time you posted it. The same goes for content: grab your shark-attack-worthy pieces of content and share them again. It never hurts to use a high-quality post when you know it always performs well. Just be sure to not overdo it.

As a leading Marine Marketing Agency in Fort Lauderdale, we have plenty of big ideas to share with the marine marketing industry and tons of posts containing valuable marketing information that can guide those in the marine industry in the right direction. So, why not share it again if the information is still valid? Valuable content is still fresh if you don’t let it collect dust on your website.

Always keep a fresh mindset. Aside from remarketing your best content, you should always be producing fresh content to grow your website and marketing efforts. One of the best attributes to have as a marketer is the ability to problem-solve and continuously learn new ways to improve. Marine marketing is not rocket science, but just as much patience needs to be had to achieve the results you’re striving for. Also, keep in mind, just because you have a strategy laid out, that does not mean it is set in stone. The best strategies are tweaked every step of the way, so don’t hesitate to make changes when necessary to produce the best results.


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