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Marine Owners’ Guide to Website Optimization

Marine Owners' Guide to Website Optimization

First impressions can make or break you.

That’s why optimizing your website in marine industry marketing is crucial to your company’s success. A website may be the first encounter a potential client has with a business. Not only does your site need to look aesthetically-pleasing, but it should have quality content, as well.

SEO for marine industry marketing can help your site jump to the top of the page in search results. Use the following tips from Marine SEO to practice effective website optimization.


To climb to the top of the page, you first must use SEO keywords. For owners, this is especially important, as you will be marketing to a niche crowd of buyers.

Implement specialized, thoughtful keywords into the content of your site, while also making sure that you don’t overuse any. Avoid keyword stuffing.

In marine industry marketing, key in on words that pertain to boating, like “yachts,” “marinas,” “boating,” etc. Do your own research, as well, to see which keywords are ranking for your company and for competitors at the time.


With these keywords, you can better optimize the content of your marine industry site. Write something that people want to read using clear and conversational language. Remember to use terms which apply to your market, even if they seem too specialized to reach people outside of the marine industry. Know your potential clients; they know boating, so they will know what you are talking about.

To begin, look through your existing content featured on your ‘about’ page or your ‘services’ tab. If you don’t want to read it yourself, then get rid of it!


SEO for marine industry marketers also suggest establishing a site blog. Similar to your content, ensure that you are using keywords in addition to clear and concise language.

With a blog, your marine company can establish a presence and an authority on the subject and in your field. Write about what your company and other boaters are passionate about. Don’t waste your time writing blogs about selling your product. Rather, blog about general topics within your field that customers would be interested in, like the best times to go boating or the area’s most popular yacht management companies.


Lastly, optimize your website to coincide with the mobile lives of your customers. This is true especially for boaters; chances are none of your customers are sailing with a computer in front of them. Anticipate a client’s mobile use to optimize your website in a way that makes finding your services much easier. Desktop layouts differ from mobile ones. As a part of marine industry marketing, start catering to your mobile crowd now to surpass your competitors.

This little guide should give you a head-start on website optimization. If you’re looking to cast a bigger net, contact Marine SEO. We are established experts on this topic and can help sail your site to the top.



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