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Running your yacht brokerage can be a beast of its own, and this means many companies fall short when it comes to their social media for business. Yet, you can augment your yacht brokerage’s ROI by establishing its social media presence for millions to see.  For example, as of October 2018, Facebook has reached 204 million users in the U.S. alone [1]; that’s a lot of potential customers to expose your business! So, how exactly can social media benefit your marina business?

As 2019 is almost upon us, so it's time to switch up your strategy for marine industry marketing. In 2018, Google has changed mobile and page speed-related features and the results will carry on to the new year. In addition, there are some non-Google SEO tactics you’ll have to consider for your yacht business site. Putting these trends into practice as soon as possible can help keep your marine site afloat into the new year.

To remain above water extremely important, especially when it comes to your yacht brokerage’s SEO. At all costs, we must keep our webpage from landing on the second page of a search engine, as it can cost us hundreds and thousands, or even millions in income. To shoot for high rankings for your web pages, you must first understand the rules. Here are different SEO penalties, and how to redeem your site from them.


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