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The Importance of Building a Responsive Website

The inclusion of multiple electronic devices, like mobile phones, laptops, and desktops into our everyday lives also translates to a new way that potential customers look for boat vendors and other marine businesses. Consumers are increasingly relying on their device’s internet surfing capabilities to search, compare, and purchase these products.  

Will having a mobile friendly and/or responsive website for a marine business really help…

Along with properly using search engine optimization tactics like implementing keywords in content and link building, a boat dealership needs to make sure they focus on building a responsive website to bolster their maritime digital marketing tactics. A “responsive website”, in this context, refers to one that provides constant user-friendliness regardless of the device that is accessing the site. For example, a responsive website will look the same to a user, whether they access it from their iPhone or their HP Laptop.


There are many reasons why making your website responsive is beneficial for your marine industry’s digital marketing strategies. The two biggest advantages are an increase in mobile traffic and a higher ranking on search engines.


How Does Increased Mobile Traffic Help Your Maritime Digital Marketing Tactics?

A responsive website is proven to increase the number of customers visiting your website from their mobile devices. People are more attached than ever to their phones. While originally exclusively used for making and receiving calls, telephones are now used for researching and purchasing a business’s services and products. The new role mobile phones and devices play in a consumer’s decision-making process calls for your website to be responsive to the different mobile devices that will be accessing it.


If your website is not formatted to be responsive to mobile devices, people accessing your website will be less inclined to spend more time on your website. This decreases the chances that they become a customer, especially if your marine business operates an e-commerce website.


How Do Responsive Websites Improve a Marine Business’ SEO Strategy?


SEO is popular in maritime digital marketing because it helps marine businesses rank higher on search engine results pages. While commonly associated with creating content that includes keyword phrases consumers typically use, a key component of SEO that search engines consider is the user-friendliness of a website. 


Popular search engines, like Google, make sure they suggest websites to users that they enjoy and find useful. If Google notices your website is not responsive to the increasing number of users accessing websites through their mobile devices, it will make sure the site ranks lower compared to websites that are responsive to mobile devices.


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