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Incredible Boat Show Hacks to Gain a Ton of Sales Leads

Far too often yacht brokers and marine industry businesses take the wrong approach when it comes to their efforts at boat shows. All the typical tactics like bringing your “yacht of the year” or new boat models are wasted if these drastic steps are not taken. With the right mindset, theses hacks from our Marine Digital Marketing Agency can help you generate tons of sales leads and ensure you make the most of your boat show appearances.

For starters, stop wasting your money and develop a plan. Your lead generation plan needs to be taken seriously or your efforts are being wasted before you even arrive at the show. Boat shows are fun but need to be taken seriously.  After all, it is an investment and a major business opportunity. If you don’t treat it like all other investments that your marine business has, how can you expect the same return from an event? Take the time to have every member of your team on the same page and know what you want to achieve.


Which brings us to setting goals. Without goals, you don’t necessarily know what you’re aiming to achieve at the show, and your efforts and resources can diminish within hours. Devise a cost-per-lead plan and work toward achieving your goal for the event as a team. Based on how much you invested on the show, start with tailoring your cost per lead plan around that.

When it comes to boat shows, think of which company’s booth or exhibit you remember the most. Not the stand you just walked by because it had literally no attraction to it. Take a tip from your competition and prepare, stand out, and make sure your display is memorable. No one ever did anything great by blending in with the competition. Do giveaways, have demonstrations, change what your display has to offer each day of the show. Those who are memorable get sales leads.

Know who you want to attract. Marketing is one of the top industries that waste money on doing giveaways without having a plan attached to them. Yes, your name may get out there, but there is a difference between attracting someone who knows your brand and someone who wants to buy from your brand. As a Marine Marketing Agency, we wouldn’t try and market to someone who only deals with sporting goods sales. It’s important to attract those who show interest in your industry without wasting those efforts on someone who is not even remotely related.

With the right prospects you will need preparation; the right information for the right people. This all comes down to preparation. Be ready to answer the questions that any potential client can ask you. The more effort you put in before the show, the easier your marketing will be during the boat show. Understand the difference between which details are valuable to generating sales. Just because you know the basic broad information doesn’t mean that’s what your audience wants to hear.

So, you’ve generated some contact information at the last show, but have you spoken to them since? Many times, those large fish are left out at sea because you didn’t take the time to pick up the phone and follow up. After all, you’re the one selling, you have their number, now make a sale. Additionally, once a boat show ends, half of the battle is over. There is no point of putting in effort to compile a list of contacts if you are not going to use them.

The objective is not to simply take down the contact information for those who have shown deep interest. You need to generate leads. Depending on which boats you bring to the show, it is highly unlikely that you will generate a sale of that boat on the spot. However, this is not the only boat you own. Even if a passerby is showing only slight interest in your product, get their information and use it in the future to contact them, follow up, and offer similar products. The little bit of interest they have in the moment can lead to a sale down the road. Take the opportunity you have created from acquiring their contact information to conduct surveys, attach links in the email to parts of your website, and generate a growing interest that can lead to a sale. Surveys give you the ability to generate valuable information. The data collected from surveys can help you build better strategies for upcoming boat shows, sales tactics, and give a deeper insight to what potential buyers are interested in.

There is major potential in something as simple as contact information, so use it.

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