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Why You Should Mix SEO and PPC Services

Search engine optimization (SEO), and Pay-per-click (PPC), are two of the greatest tools that modern marine industry marketing professionals have for boosting online presence and digitally driven revenue today. But to fully understand why SEO and PPC  are so important, one must understand the differences between, and benefits of mixing, SEO and PPC services together as a strategy for online growth.

Luckily, the team of expert marine marketing professionals at Marine SEO is here to make the picture clearer for those interested in learning more about both services. Our marine digital marketing industry has spent over a decade promoting some of the greatest businesses in the industry, and we are always looking for opportunities to provide insight for our current and future clients.


The Difference Between SEO and PPC Marketing

SEO and PPC marketing strategies both have the same goal – to boost the presence of a client’s website and promote growth in both visibility and revenue. But these two methods of marketing are two different services with two very different ways of working.

SEO is focused on three different pillars: link building, technical fixes and maintenance, and content.

  • Link building is the action of reaching out to other companies which have websites that are highly valued by search engines and trying to get recognition from them.
  • Technical fixes are focused on keeping the website running, operational, and “clean” in a way that search engines value and will recognize in a positive light. 
  • Content is the main tool for growth in presence. These pieces of content are created with keyword research and analysis, which will work to have articles appear as high up on the search engines as possible.

PPC is a method of marketing digitally that is focused on “jumping to the front of the line” and getting higher spots than competitors as quickly as possible. Similar to SEO, keywords are important for reaching a wider audience. These keywords will be targeted in order to reach as large an audience as possible. Using an allotted budget, our team of PPC specialists will target people searching for a specific set of words and present ads on search engines to drive a click and eventual conversion, which leads to revenue!

SEO and PPC are two different sides of the online growth coin, but when mixed and combined, the opportunity for growth is endless.


What Are SEO and PPC Together Going to Do for You?

PPC and SEO working together is a strategy that is a time-tested method to grow your website’s digital footprint and lead to growth in revenue and recognition. PPC will tackle the initial and immediate growth or the top of the page. SEO will do a steady and consistent growth strategy with the aim of appearing higher up on a search engine through time and effort.

If you are looking to grow your business presence on the internet, SEO and PPC integration is the best way to do so. The SEO and PPC individual strategies are great and trusted, but only an expert marine marketing agency can take your nautical business to the next step of success effectively and efficiently.


Our Marine Marketing Agency Provides Expert Services for Both SEO and PPC

If you are interested in SEO and PPC services and want to get the best possible results for your marine business, then look no further than Marine SEO! Our team of marketers has years of experience in both fields and is ready, willing, and able to take your business to the top of search engines through paid and organic means.

Get in touch with us today to get started now. Also, feel free to read some of our other articles, covering a host of different nautical and marketing subjects, for more expert insights.


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