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September 2020

Digital marketing is priceless for players in the travel industry. Today's customers rely heavily on their computers and smartphones to discover, book and share their experiences online. Smartphones and search engines have become part of the travel industry as consumers rely on both to get information on hotels, activities, and places to dine. Your maritime based-travel business can take advantage of digital marketing by leveraging search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, social media, and landing page optimization into their strategy. 

Content marketing is a form of marketing focused on creating, publishing, and distributing content for a targeted audience online. Ocean conservation non-profit organizations can leverage content marketing to educate stakeholders and turn them into active participants in their mission. "Content" includes social media posts, blog posts, Youtube videos, or case studies. The more you take advantage of content marketing for ocean conservation, the higher chance that someone reacts positively to your mission.  Another benefit of content marketing for ocean conservation groups is that it adds credibility to your mission. If people see that your goal is cohesive and relevant, they will see that your organization is important. 

Everyone who owns a fishing boat or sailboat needs to have reliable marine gear. These marine navigational technologies will take your weekend on the water to the next level. At Marine SEO, we are water lovers. We have compiled a list of the essential boating equipment that helps you navigate the waters, communicate with authorities, and track fish. From marine global positioning systems, fish tracking devices, and radios, we know how to take your weekend boating to the next level. 


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