September 2020 - Marine SEO // Digital Marketing for the Marine Industry
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September 2020

Fishing apparel companies are not exempt from needing to leverage digital marketing and search engine optimization into their marketing plans. If you operate in a fishing hotspot, your local ranking is extremely important. SEO ensures that your fishing apparel business ranks highly on local Google searches. No matter if you intend on selling to local customers or operate an e-commerce website, your digital marketing for fishing apparel strategy needs to have a healthy SEO strategy. 

If you own a business in the 21st century, then you need to include digital into your business plan, and marketing for fishing charters is no different. The success of your fishing charter business primarily comes down to its ability to market your services effectively. Astute digital marketing ensures repeat and recurring customers. Fishing charter captains need to be privy to the ebbs and flows of digital marketing so that they could continue to service their customers. Using search engine optimization, pay-per-click strategies, and social media are some of the best ways that captains can navigate the world of digital marketing. 

Restaurants are moving their listing from magazines, newspapers, and phone books to the internet. Search engines like Google make it easier for potential customers to discover your restaurant, especially when your seafood restaurant takes advantage of a Google My Business Listing. According to SEO roundtable, 46 percent of Google searches have local intent. In other words, almost half of all Google searches are from people looking for local products and services. A Google My Business Listing for restaurants allows you to increase your visibility to locals and upload menus and popular dishes while making you stand out from the pack. If you verify and edit your business information, you can both help customers find your business and tell them your story.


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