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Exaggerated Fishing Stories

Content marketing is a form of marketing focused on creating, publishing, and distributing content for a targeted audience online. Ocean conservation non-profit organizations can leverage content marketing to educate stakeholders and turn them into active participants in their mission. "Content" includes social media posts, blog posts, Youtube videos, or case studies. The more you take advantage of content marketing for ocean conservation, the higher chance that someone reacts positively to your mission.  Another benefit of content marketing for ocean conservation groups is that it adds credibility to your mission. If people see that your goal is cohesive and relevant, they will see that your organization is important. 

Everyone who owns a fishing boat or sailboat needs to have reliable marine gear. These marine navigational technologies will take your weekend on the water to the next level. At Marine SEO, we are water lovers. We have compiled a list of the essential boating equipment that helps you navigate the waters, communicate with authorities, and track fish. From marine global positioning systems, fish tracking devices, and radios, we know how to take your weekend boating to the next level. 

All container shipping businesses need to take advantage of digital marketing. Gone are the days where the shipping business's marketing consisted of brochures, email newsletters, trade shows, and simple websites. In an internationally relevant industry, the inclusion of a marketing strategy that reaches potential customers around the world is priceless.  Some of the digital marketing strategies for shipping businesses that are of the most impactful are social media marketing and search engine optimization

The internet has radically modified the way swimwear businesses reach and engage potential customers. Swimwear buyers--especially bikini buyers--are more reliant than ever on the internet and social media to research and ultimately purchase the next addition to their swimsuit collection. Digital marketing strategies for swimwear businesses include Instagram marketing, influencer marketing, YouTube advertisements, pay-per-click strategies, and using an e-commerce website.  

Moving into the second decade of the millennium, growing your company’s online presence is more important than ever. Search engines continue to see increased growth in organic search as well as more paid advertisers than years prior. As the trajectory for search advances upward, now is the time to develop great content to showcase your brand and expertise in the marine industry. 

Over the years, SEO has gained steam in the digital marketing world and it looks like it won’t be stopping anytime soon. With various Google updates and new online marketing trends to stay abreast of, SEO is a job that never sleeps. However, certain SEO fundamentals such as schema can do wonders for your yacht brokerage’s website. Our nautical marketing crew at Marine SEO gives you the 411 on how schema helps SEO for your marine business.

The local SEO community has been in a buzz, questioning their listings’ decrease in rankings last week. There were constant discussions between local SEOs about a possible Google update, specifically focusing on Google Maps rankings. Talks in the local SEO community reached a general consensus that Google My Business (GMB) listings were undergoing drops. A thread on Search Engine Roundtable pretty much gave a good scope on the problem:


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