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Exaggerated Fishing Stories

Over the years, SEO has gained steam in the digital marketing world and it looks like it won’t be stopping anytime soon. With various Google updates and new online marketing trends to stay abreast of, SEO is a job that never sleeps. However, certain SEO fundamentals such as schema can do wonders for your yacht brokerage’s website. Our nautical marketing crew at Marine SEO gives you the 411 on how schema helps SEO for your marine business.

The local SEO community has been in a buzz, questioning their listings’ decrease in rankings last week. There were constant discussions between local SEOs about a possible Google update, specifically focusing on Google Maps rankings. Talks in the local SEO community reached a general consensus that Google My Business (GMB) listings were undergoing drops. A thread on Search Engine Roundtable pretty much gave a good scope on the problem:

The holidays are a time to celebrate, but as a boating business owner, it’s also a great opportunity to flex those marketing skills and capitalize on the overall good cheer in the air. But if you are new to the game and don’t know how to market your boating business over the holidays, you have come to the right place. Sit back and relax as we set sail with our best boating marketing tips for the holiday season.

A new year AND a new decade are almost upon us! Which means it’s time to switch up your boat marketing ideas for your nautical business. Content marketing has improved more than ever as we get better at strategizing, exploring, designing, and publishing content. Digital marketers have a bright future in the new year as new ideas for content will work wonders for any brand. The nautical team at our marine marketing agency discusses the top 5 marine SEO content trends for 2020.

Imagine a client website that’s ranking high on Google and Bing search engine results, a website that is getting a healthy amount of traffic. That’s an SEO dream scenario, one that the team of marine industry marketers at Marine SEO, our Fort Lauderdale search engine optimization and digital marketing agency, works hard to achieve. Now imagine a sharp drop in that site’s SERP rankings and organic traffic – this is the nightmare scenario all SEOs want to avoid. In the spirit of the upcoming spooky Halloween season, our marine industry marketing professionals have identified the top three most frightening SEO nightmares to be avoided and how to fix them should they become true.

Boat shows can often be a time-consuming and expensive form of marketing for businesses in the marine industry. Travel costs plus booth rentals and promotional materials, all those expenses add up. Even though boat shows are expensive, they can be great opportunities to make sales and generate leads. With so many boat shows filling up the yachting industry calendar every year, businesses have to make sure exhibiting at a show is worth it. The way to accomplish that is by creating a boat show landing page on your website.


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